"Organize Procedures to Improve Metrics"

Regardless of company size, success hinges on employees' efforts.
To gauge progress and prevent losses, daily comparisons are crucial. Tracking products and services is essential.
The use of tools like Optim simplifies workflows and provides a means to analyze employee-generated data.

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Welcome to Optim: Organize Procedures to Improve Metrics

About Optim

Optim is your all-in-one software solution designed to revolutionize the way you manage your business operations. Our motto, "Organize Procedures to Improve Metrics," encapsulates our commitment to enhancing your efficiency, productivity, and success.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings through Digital Transformation

Embracing digital processes through Optim saves you money by reducing paperwork, minimizing manual errors, and streamlining workflows. With increased efficiency, you can allocate resources more effectively and focus on growing your business.

Enhanced Visibility and Insights

Optim empowers you with real-time insights into your operations. Monitor daily activities, track progress, and identify trends to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Efficient Employee Task Tracking

Manage and track employee tasks effortlessly with Optim. Improve completion times, ensure accountability, and enhance communication among teams. Our software helps you keep tasks on track and optimize resource allocation.

Configurable Security

Determine who can see and manage the data for every element within the application. Split up access based on role, location and/or customer.

Measurable Metrics for Improvement

By centralizing your operations in Optim, you gain access to measurable metrics that matter. Evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), identify bottlenecks, and implement targeted improvements that lead to tangible results.

Comprehensive System Suite

Optim integrates a suite of systems tailored to your needs:

Auditing: Ensure compliance and quality control with comprehensive auditing tools. Create your own templates with detailed configuration and controls.

Audits / Checklists / Questionnaires

Training: Streamline employee training processes and ensure consistent skill development.

AICC / SCORM / Custom

Dispatching: Optimize resource allocation and scheduling for efficient service delivery. Track services across locations, customers, and vehicles.

Jobs / Services / Products

Billing: Simplify billing processes, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Pricelists / Invoices / Contracts / Recurring Billing

Employee: Centralize employee data for streamlined HR management.

Onboarding / Information / Timesheets / Teams / *Scheduling*

Inventory: Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, reducing stockouts and overstocking.

Products / Assets / Vendors / Manufactors / Transfers / Tracking

Powerful Tools

Optim comes equipped with essential tools to boost your operations:

Calendars: Efficiently schedule tasks, appointments, and meetings for optimal time management.

Internal Messenger: Foster seamless communication among teams, improving collaboration.

External Notification: Keep customers and partners informed with automated external notifications.

Forum: Create a knowledge-sharing hub for your team, encouraging innovation.

News: Share important updates and announcements across your organization.

Links: Quickly jump from your Optim application to another site or app..

Files: Manage all documents, videos, images, etc in one place. Upload, preview, download them as needed. Access them from anywhere.

Discover the Optim Advantage

Ready to transform the way you manage your business? Unlock the power of Optim and experience firsthand how using software as a solution can drive your success. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how Optim can revolutionize your operations.